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  • Welcome Back Letter: State of the District and Q2 PPT

    As we make our way back to school today, I send you the warmest welcome and the best of luck on what should prove to be an incredibly successful school year... During these past two years, I have engaged Ridgefield’s constituent groups in work to ensure all that I reference in the abovementioned paragraph. Starting with a strategic plan... Our work is good, but it cannot be great without having the additional resources that so many other school systems have—resources that our students deserve... Click the image to read more...

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  • Ridgefield Students featured on the IMSE Online Journal

    The Ridgefield Public Schools are being featured on the Institute for Multi-sensory Education (IMSE) online journal for our work with word study in grades K - 3. Students are being exposed to the Orton Gillingham model for word study, which provides students with letter and word formation and identification through a multi-sensory approach. The teachers have been trained in this model for word study instruction throughout the past two school years and are implementing it in their classrooms. Please click on the picture to the left for the link to the video.

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  • Final 2016-2017 Budget Presentation

    At the April 28, 2016 Board of Education meeting, Dr. Frank Romano and Mr. Richard Guarini facilitated the Final Budget Hearing and made the Final Budget Presentation. In addition to the PowerPoint Presentation, Dr. Romano and Mr. Guarini included the following supplemental documents: 1) Annotated Budget Proposal - Final, 2) State Defined Advertised Appropriations, and 3) A Rationale for Second Question Funding. Click the image to read more and select links to the referenced docs and tune into the meeting podcast.

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  • Ridgefield's Recognition Award Recipients for 2016

    Congratulations to this year’s Bergen County Teacher/ Educational Services Professional Recognition Award recipients: Ms. Erica Donato for Shaler Academy, Ms. Maida Weisman for Bergen Boulevard School, Ms. Laura Ballerini for Slocum Skewes School, and Mr. Joseph Skunca for Ridgefield Memorial High School. This year’s recipients comprise a mix of three teachers, and one education service professional (School Social Worker/Student Assistance Coordinator). We are so proud of those who educate and support our students, faculty, and staff in a variety of wonderful ways. They will be formally recognized at the first May Board of Education meeting and at a County Luncheon held at the Fiesta in Wood-Ridge, New Jersey. Click the image to read more...

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  • Response to Intervention Update

    At the April 7, 2016 Board of Education meeting, Ms. Janet Seabold, Ms. Charlotte Weeks, Mrs. Dawn Mazzola, and Mrs. Theresa Serafimov presented an update on the second year of the implementation of the Response to Intervention (RTI) program. In the second year, the program expanded to include grades K - 2. RTI is an intervention program that assists students who are struggling in the areas of ELA and Math within the regular classroom. To read more, please click on the image to the left....

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  • Bergen County Teacher/Ed Services Professional Recognition Award

    It is time for the Bergen County Teacher / Educational Services Professionals Recognition Program. You may know this award under a different name, as some refer to it as "teacher of the year." For your information, I have provided a bit of history for your consideration as you select a nominee. Each member of the school community (i.e., student, teacher, parent, or community member) may nominate either one teacher or one educational services professional for potential recognition. Click the image to read more...

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  • Inegrated Studies Proposal

    At the Board of Education meeting on March 24, 2016, Ms. Janet Seabold, Dr. Tamika DePass, Mr. Ted Siegel, and Mrs. Jennifer Lambert presented a proposal for integrated studies. Integrated studies involves bringing together traditionally separate subjects so students can grasp a more authentic understanding of broader concepts. The new integrated studies class at RMHS will be entitled Integrated Humanities. To learn more about integrated studies, click on the image...

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  • Community Service Presentation

    At the March 24th Board of Education meeting, Mrs. Lauretta Thrower and Mr. Joseph Skunca provided a presentation regarding the improvements and modifications that have been created regarding the high school community service program. Seniors are required to complete 50 hours of community service as a requirement of graduation. The program has been expanded to include a classroom component and field trip experiences.To read more about the program, please click on the image....

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  • Research Protocol Presentation

    Mrs. Theresa Petrov and Ms. Janet Seabold presented the updates in the provision of library/media services for the Ridgefield School District using the new Research Protocol Curriculum. Under this new curriculum and program, students receive education on information technology from the library/media specialist in coordination with the classroom teacher. Students participate in a research project that aligns to the grade level or subject matter curriculum. The students have received education on using Google classroom, effective researching, and oral presentation skills. Please click the image for more information....

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  • Ridgefield Public Schools Data Presentation: Part II

    At the Board of Education meeting on Thursday, January 21, 2016, the Curriculum Department presented Part II of a two part presentation on Ridgefield Public School District testing data. The data that was presented included reports of the scores for all students who participated in the PARCC testing in the Spring of 2015. The data was reported for students in grades 3 - 11 in English/Language Arts and grades 3 - 8 in math. Additionally PARCC scores were reported for end of course tests in Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry at the high school level. The current data from Ridgefield students was compared to students from throughout the state of New Jersey and all students who participated in the PARCC testing administration last spring. To read more, please click on the image on the left.

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  • Understanding the PARCC Score Report for Parents

    On Tuesday and Wednesday, January 12th and 13th at both RMHS and Slocum Skewes, parents were invited to a presentation to better understand the way to read and interpret the PARCC score reports that they received earlier in the month. The presentation discussed the meaning of the student score, student scores compared to others both in the district and in the state, and the way in which the report demonstrated student strengths and weaknesses. If you would like more information on the score reports, please click on the picture...

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  • Next Generation Science Standards

    At the Board of Education meeting on January 7, 2016, Mr. Zunick, Science Department Chairperson and Ms. Janet Seabold, Curriculum Director presented the Next Generation Science Standards. These are new science guidelines that will better prepare students for the 21st century as they address science in practice. The standards will provide students with opportunities to more deeply explore the various areas of science and put them into practice through experimentation, engineering, math, and writing. Please click on the image to read more....

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  • New Year Message re: State of the District

    As we continue on our quest to move our schools from good to great, our journey into 2016 is most critical. During these past eighteen months, we have done our absolute best with our limited resources to improve our school system in the areas of facilities; long-range planning; curriculum, instruction and assessment; technology integration; safety and security; and community relations. Again, I encourage you to read my September 9, 2015 State of the District Update. That will allow you to appreciate how incredibly successful we’ve been in all areas when I tell you that we are right on track. It will instill hope and confidence as I share with you now that we have a ways to go. Ultimately, it should encourage you to commit to the significant investment that we need to make in our schools. Click the image to read more...

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  • Blended Learning BoE Presentation

    At the Board of Education meeting on Thursday, November 12, 2015, a team of Janet Seabold, John Coviello, Jamie Rifkowitz, and Ben Aufiero presented the status of the new blended learning pilot in the area of mathematics and science in grades 5, 7, and 8. The blended learning pilot program began at the start of the current to school year with a combination of computer and teacher driven instruction that is individualized to meet student needs. Students are the authors of their own education in these classes with the ability to determine their progress and take control of their education. To read more on blended learning, please click on the image.

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  • Ridgefield Public Schools Data Presentation: Part I

    At the Board of Education meeting on Thursday, October 22, 2015, the Curriculum Department presented Part I of a two part presentation on Ridgefield Public School District testing data. The data that was presented included reports of the scores for the NJASK Science Testing in grades 4 and 8, the Biology Competency Test for all students who enrolled in the Biology class at the high school level, and AP testing data. The current data from Ridgefield students was compared to students from past years, local District Factor Groups, and scores at the state level. Data from SAT testing and post-graduation decisions was also presented. Click image to read more....

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  • Second Annual Parent Technology Night

    The Ridgefield Public Schools hosted a Second Annual Parent Technology Night on October 14, 2015. During the evening, parents learned about the ways in which to use Genesis and Schoolwires to better communicate with their child's teachers and monitor progress. The Curriculum Department will be hosting other parent training nights in the upcoming months. Please be sure to complete the upcoming survey that is being sent home via email to let us know what learning opportunities are of interest to you and your family. Click image to read more.....

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  • September Update: State of the District

    I am happy to report that our first seven days back to school have gone extremely well. We began with our convocation ceremony for all admin, faculty, and staff on Tuesday, September 1, followed by our first day for students on September 2. There is nothing more satisfying for me as superintendent of schools than watching our schools return to life as our hard work and careful planning come to fruition. It is always with great excitement that I await the return of all those bright eyes and eager young faces, look forward to engaging with colleagues, and anticipate partnering with local parents and community members. Click the image to read more...

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  • Reading, Writing & Robots at Ridgefield

    Humanoid robots like Ridgefield Public Schools' Peter are stepping into New Jersey classrooms as electronic teacher aides, helping students with everything from responding to social cues and language to improving fine motor skills. The robots can dance, pose questions and "understand" verbal and nonverbal answers. And, oh, yes, once they master facial recognition, they can greet you by name, keep a record of your progress and even ask for a kiss. Click the image to read more...

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  • Sports Spectaculars: RMHS Baseball and Softball

    The Girls Softball Team captured the Group 1 North 2 State Sectional Championship this past Friday with a 3-2 victory over Brearley High School. The Boys Baseball Team captured the Group 1 North 2 State Sectional Championship this past Friday with a 3-2 victory over Weehawken High School. Click the image to learn more about our wins and next steps...

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  • High Notes for Our Music Program

    On Friday, May 22, our 7th and 8th Grade Band attended the Music in the Park Festival at Dorney Park in Allentown Pennsylvania. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, May 14, 15, and 16, our High School Chorus attended the Music in the Park Festival at Hershey Park in Hershey Pennsylvania. Both returned with multiple accomplishments. Click the image to learn more...

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