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Members of the School Community,

Thank you for your commitment to our schools!  Our bond referendum passed by an overwhelming majority vote!


YES: 358

NO: 164


Referendum Committee Members

Mr. Andrew Grippa, Committee Chair, BoE Member, Resident, Parent

Mr. John Coviello, Slocum Skewes Principal

Mr. Joseph D’Amico, BoE Vice President, Resident, Parent

Dr. Tamika DePass, RMHS Principal

Ms. Darla Ferdinand, Teacher, Resident, Parent

Ms. Deborah Fugnitti, BoE President, Resident, Parent

Ms. Anna Gaeta, Shaler/Bergen Principal

Ms. Laurie Griffin, Resident, Parent

Mrs. Sonia Gross, Resident ,Parent

Mr. Richard Guarini, Business Administrator

Ms. Aideen Kirk, Resident ,Parent

Mr. Charles Lara, Resident ,Parent

Mr. James Malaquias, Supervisor of  Buildings and Grounds 

Mr. Rafael Morilla, Resident ,Parent

Dr. Frank Romano, Superintendent of Schools

Ms. Janet Seabold, Dir. of Curriculum and Instruction, Resident, Parent


Welcome!  During the next several weeks, you will find the information and resources regarding our September 30, 2014 referendum project vote. Please check this site regularly, as we will post several times between now and the 30th.  Thank you. 


Referendum Flyer (English) 

Referendum Flyer (Korean and Spanish)

PowerPoint Presentation  

Sample Ballot


In order for children to learn, they need to feel safe, secure, and comfortable.  They need to come to healthy and stimulating environments.  They need to have the appropriate tools.  In these modern times, challenges continue to grow, and with our limited means, the needs become harder to accommodate.  During these past several years, Ridgefield taxpayers have been gracious enough to pass two smaller referendum projects to help the Ridgefield Schools repair our roofs, purchase new boilers, and build up-to-date science labs.  While those efforts have improved conditions, our schools are old and in serious need of repair in a variety of other areas.

Many classroom windows do not lock.  They are single-paned and extremely inefficient when it comes to energy use and cost.  Roughly 80 percent of our exterior windows and doors are original to the schools and remain in serious need of replacement.  Exterior entranceways require security upgrades.  Electrical systems no longer supply the service needed to power newer technologies.  Multipurpose rooms are environmentally challenging for many youngsters.  Schools do not have the appropriate internal features to secure them during evening events, and vandalism has resulted in expensive repair work. 

Ridgefield Public Schools has a new opportunity to improve current conditions.  NJ State grant funding for regular operating districts (RODs) could bring a total of 1.2 million dollars if taxpayers agree to pass a 3 million dollar referendum to improve our schools.  Several building projects were approved and would require funding for 60 percent of the total cost, which would come to roughly $37.20 per year for fifteen years for the average household.  The State would cover 40 percent of the cost.  The end results would bring energy efficiency (savings), safety, security, and more optimal learning environments.

For $37.20 per average household per year for fifteen years, Ridgefield Public Schools could benefit from window replacement, restroom exhaust systems, HVAC control replacement, electrical panels replacement, cooling system upgrades, and upgrades to communications and security.  The return on this relatively small investment will improve our schools, provide better learning environments and, in turn, increase property values. It is an important opportunity for our schools and our town. 

Please vote on Tuesday, September 30, 2014 from 2:00 to 9:00 PM.  Thank you.


District I

Slocum Skewes School

650 Prospect Avenue

Ridgefield, NJ 07657


Districts 2 & 4

Ridgefield Library

527 Morse Avenue

Ridgefield, NJ 07657


District 3

Bergen Boulevard School

635 Bergen Place

Ridgefield, NJ 07657


District 5

Ridgefield Memorial High School

555 Walnut Street

Ridgefield, NJ 07657




During these past several months, the Ridgefield School District has undergone a significant transformation among its leadership team in an effort to better support school programs and personnel.  New Superintendent, Dr. Frank Romano proposed the following reorganization to the system in order to meet 1) the recent New Jersey State demands on schools and 2) the District’s local needs for improvement in the areas of Program and Instruction.  The Board of Education unanimously endorsed these efforts in order to support curriculum, instruction, and assessment and provide a well articulated and a more consistent student experience.  These changes require no additional funding, only some vision, careful planning, and reallocation of existing resources. 

The plan began with the reinstatement of the Director of Curriculum and Instruction position to provide leadership, supervision, and coordination of the total educational program.  This critical resource has been absent for over a decade.  Filling the position is twenty-three-year veteran Janet Seabold.  Ms. Seabold has served the District in a variety of capacities, including special education teacher, Supervisor of the Learning Center Program, Director of Special Services, and Slocum Skewes Assistant Principal and then Principal.  Ms. Seabold has a track record of success, which most recently includes raising NJ ASK scores and taking Slocum Skewes out of the State’s School in Need of Improvement status, implementing the Reading and Writing Workshop Models, and expanding service to better serve struggling and advanced learners.  Ms. Seabold has been instrumental in the successful implementation of the new state-required principal and teacher evaluation systems, visionary in her role as chairperson of the District Evaluation Advisory Committee, and generous with her commitment to such efforts as Technology, Referendum, and Curriculum Committees.  It is only natural that this dedicated professional should want to progress to the next level of leadership and how lucky are all the Ridgefield Public Schools that she should serve them while overseeing all educational programs.  Congratulations, Ms. Seabold!
Following the reinstatement of the Director of Curriculum and Instruction came the creation of the Supervisor of Instruction to assist with providing leadership, supervision, support, and coordination of the instructional program throughout the District.  Who better than our own Mr. Floro Villanueva to fill the role?  Mr. Villanueva begins his fourteenth year as an educator, serving Ridgefield Schools for the past nine years as a math teacher.  In August of 2013, he was promoted to Math Department Chair. In his time at Ridgefield, he has taught AP Statistics, Virtual High School: AP Statistics, Algebra, Geometry, PSAT Math, Math Skills, Personal Finance and Intermediate Algebra. In his seven years as AP Statistics teacher, his students achieved higher than the national average.  He served for several years as Head Coach of the Girls Volleyball Team, recognized as 2011 North NJ Coach of the Year. Mr. Villanueva has served on the RMHS School Improvement Panel and PARCC Committee. His work on the State’s new Student Growth Objective requirements has been monumental.  His experiences and skillsets make him a perfect addition to the leadership team and the right person for advancing our schools. Congratulations, Mr. Villanueva! 

New to the District and the Slocum Skewes School is Mr. John Coviello.  Subsequent to Ms. Seabold’s promotion and upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, the Board appointed Mr. Coviello to the position of Principal of Slocum Skewes.  He comes to Ridgefield Public Schools with successful experience in the field of educational administration and the qualifications that spell successful growth into this new position. His academic studies, professional work experiences, certification work, and personal attributes will serve the faculty, staff, and students well. Mr. Coviello has Masters Degrees in the areas of educational leadership and special education. He is currently transitioning from an Assistant Principal position at Fort Lee High School, where he has served for the past four years.  Prior to that, he worked at New Milford Public Schools as Director of Theatrical Programming from 2007 through 2010, Social Studies Teacher from September 2008 through June of 2010, and Special Education Teacher from September of 2004 through August of 2008.  Congratulations and welcome, Mr. Coviello! 
Summer Reading Project Information

Avoid the "summer slide"  ...books are the answer!!


To succeed in school and life, children and young adults need ongoing opportunities to learn and practice essential skills. This is especially true during the summer months. Summer shouldn't mean taking a break from learning, especially reading! Studies show that most students experience a loss of reading skills over the summer months. Children who continue to read over the summer actually gain skills. Extra effort should be made during the summer to help students sustain reading skills, practice reading and put aside the extra time they don't have during the school year to read for enjoyment!

Students in Grades K-8 are responsible for reading over the summer as well as completing a project that will be counted as a grade for the first marking period. All of the information and documents your child needs to complete the project are on this website.

 Click here to go to your child's grade level folder, the grade they will be entering in September, and open the folder up to view and print the documents.

Click here for our bookmark.

Click Here For Important Health Information For Incoming 6th Graders

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